Friday, 30 January 2009

Why the long face?

Can't shake off this rotten mood, 'go away grey cloud'. Feeling sorry for myself, I hate it when I feel like this,  my mind has a lot to answer for, being a Gemini aint easy! I desperately need a bloody good long 'belly' laugh right now, anyone got any good jokes?

On a positive note though it is Friday, which means a lie in tomorrow, followed by a long leisurely breakfast consisting of fresh coffee, naughty croissants and pancakes, or maybe a muffin or a crumpet instead of a pancake, ooh I'll make that difficult decision in the morning. (Methinks I could be completing 'The Evil Food Circle' very soon!) 

I need to go to bed with the positive thought 'Be thankful for what you've got', then maybe I shall wake up feeling sunny and bright again. Cross your fingers!


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