Saturday, 24 January 2009

Family time

My alarm went off at 830, I peeked through my blinds to see my parked car covered in frost so was glad I still had snooze time to snuggle back under my duvet. I forced myself out of bed at 9, showered, got dressed, had breakfast and left just after 1030.

Should have filled the car up, put air in the tyres, checked the water and oil yesterday but mistakenly put it off, so once all that had been done we eventually set off for Portsmouth about 1115.

The journey itself took about 1hr 45mins, but without my Garmin I could have ended up in Russia, my sense of direction is sooo non existant!

It's great to see my girls, they're so independent. I'm happy that they're loving it here and coping so well with their workloads. They seem to have struck the balance between studying and living it up.

Right now they're busy debating the choice of DVD. The plan is to curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and then see who can stay awake until the end of the film. I'm certainly not going to win that one!

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