Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Something nice

I do like my food. Oh and I don't do exercise and I love to sleep.  A recipe for disaster ..... perhaps?

For breakfast on a week day I'll have a mug of boiling water and a slice of toast or a weetabix with semi skimmed milk. For 11's I'll have a cup of tea and a few biscuits and lunch (I have half n hour from 1210) usually consists of a sandwich, a packet of crisps and and apple.

Hmm, not too bad I'm thinking. But once I get home, round about 330, I'm pretty peckish and usually I'll go for the crackers and humus whilst preparing dinner. We usually eat between 530-6, but by 9pm I get the nibbles, so usually the crackers and cheese come out. Or even worse something nice from the dessert section at M&S. Is it any wonder I worry about my evening eating habits.

Last year, in June, I went to see my GP. I was to have some blood tests because I had been feeling constantly tired for a very long time (having siestas almost every afternoon). I needed to know if this was due to any medical problems but luckily for me my results showed nothing untoward. Now I knew it was just down to my lifestyle, particularly my eating habits.

So the next thing I did was book a consultation at a health clinic. I came away from that appointment totally confident that I would buy the vitamins, drink the soya milk, cut out sugar and white rice and pasta etc (you know the no-no's, right?). And I did, I tried, but not hard enough I'm ashamed to admit. I went for walks (for a while), I tried it all (for a while), but as I've confessed already, I've well and truly fallen off the band wagon.

My life tires me out. Sometimes I think I'm just a wimp. Sometimes I think 'Hold on a minute, you've been a single mum bringing up three daughters for the past ten years.' 

I've done the mind numbing cleaning jobs to work around school and moved onto part time jobs as they got older, still determined to be there to pick them up from school. I pay my bills, I even run a car (god knows how!). I'm not asking for a pat on the back, I know there's plenty of single mums and dads out there doing the same thing. I just need to stop punishing myself for feeling tired maybe. AND I need to stop eating crap!! 

PS. Gillian McKeiths says in her book 'You Are What You Eat'  that a burger meal (large burger, fries and cola) contains 38 teaspoons of sugar and over a 5th of a block of lard! 



  1. It's a fascinating insight into your life, Cheetah.

    Maybe you should try knocking back some hot chocolate to really complete the evil food circle!

  2. Thank you for your comments Mr Urban Birder. Especially for the top tip on how to really complete the evil food circle. I now know what to do should I wish to complete the 'Path To Ultimate Unhealthiness'!