Friday, 23 January 2009

Let the weekend begin!

I love Fridays! I treasure my weekends, if only they were longer. However, I'm luckier than most as far as having time off's concerned (an advantage of working in education, ha!).

Meant to write this entry much earlier but ended up playing around with customising the look of my page instead, so have spent aaages changing templates and the colour of everything! Still not sure about my choice, I will probably change it again, to suit my mood (and being a Gemini that could be an hourly occurrence!)

I'm driving to Portsmouth in the morning with my youngest daughter to keep me company. We're going to visit my two other daughters who are currently at university there. My eldest has turned 21 today so we've planned a birthday lunch and some shopping at Gun Wharf when we arrive tomorrow.

I miss my girls terribly, my youngest is 13 and she can be quite difficult to live with at times. She seems to have perfected the Kevin and Perry 'attitude' thing and will insist on re-enacting scenes on a daily basis. I love her but she can be so frustrating!

Right, now I shall climb my stairs, must keep that date with my lovely bed. To feel refreshed I need at least eight hours sleep, plus the obligatory 3 snooze hits before I can rise and I need to be up at 9. So...

Goodnight, sweet dreams.

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