Sunday, 25 January 2009

Oh what a day....

Home, safe and sound.

I didn't enjoy driving back from Pompey at all (why is that Portsmouth's nickname by the way). Motorways bore me at the best of times but the dark, coupled with pouring rain, made this particular trek even more tedious than usual. 

It was worth the pain and suffering though 'cos I've gained a daughter this trip, leaving only one behind in Portsmouth and she'll be home on Friday. I do like us girls all being under one roof.

Had a laugh out loud moment earlier on this evening . . . .  my girls were watching X-men3 and I happened to see the bit where Magneto attempts to rescue Mystique from the clutches of the government. To cut a long story short Mystique takes a bullet meant for Magneto and loses her mutant powers. 

So she's lying naked on her side on the floor of this armoured vehicle (arms and legs strategically placed) but all I could look at was her amazingly flat stomach. I told my girls (they hadn't noticed funnily enough!) and added 'no-one's stomach looks like that when they lie on their side'  to which my 13 year old boasted, 'Mine does'. Ooh that hurt! 

I let out a cry of disgust as I hurled a cushion at her from across the living room. This was swiftly followed by cushion no2 (which I'm glad to say actually hit the intended target spot on) launched by her big sister who felt equally wounded by this younger siblings blatant honesty! 

I had to let her off though, for earlier this evening she did something for me that was very thoughtful, without being asked.
A very gorgeous friend of mine was to be interviewed on the radio and I had planned to listen on my mobile. However, that plan was instantly snookered when I realised it was about to die so I had to charge it instead.

At this point I ran upstairs to tune in on the radio in bedroom no2 (couldn't use the one in the livingroom because the girls were watching TV). However, I ended up muttering 'oh sh*te' at it instead when I could only get stations on FM. I needed MW but couldn't even find one station!

As time was well and truly running out I suddenly remembered there was a portable radio in bedroom no3, but found myself muttering 'oh sh*te' yet again as I quickly discovered it only had FM and AM bands. Hours had passed (ok slight exaggeration) as I flew downstairs like a banshee to try the computer. 

I was just in the process of googling internet radio when a voice piped up,  'Is this the station you're looking for mum?' and low and behold my little angel had stopped watching CSI and instead, on the box, she had the radio station for me (for a fleeting second I thought about giving her a big kiss but decided against it, she would not have been impressed). 

I'm so glad all that damn fuss paid off, for a moment later the radio host introduced the man I'd been waiting for and we all ended up listening to him together, whew!  

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