Thursday, 22 January 2009

Shake a leg and lose some pounds!

Had an uneventful day at work today, which is to say the usual suspects decided to behave and actually listen and learn, always good, beats coming home in a bad mood with a headache. The fact that it's an inset day tomorrow, so a day off for the kids, might have had something to do with it?!

My friend and I made a New Years resolution to start Salsa again (we stopped dancing over a year ago). We're on the lookout for a decent venue and tonight was our first outing.

We visited a local community centre type place just to take a look, but it didn't appeal, the room was a bit dingy and there were quite a few odd bods attempting the 'beginners' steps. After only 20 minutes we decided to split (having spent the last 10 minutes giggling very discreetly at the ones who didn't have any rhythm whatsoever, miaow!)

We ended up at The Crown, had a 2for1 meal, a glass of wine and a jolly good chat, something we know we can do well. The search continues!

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