Friday, 14 August 2009

Warm Weather

Q. Is the good weather finally here to stay? 
Q. Who knows?
A. Absolutely no-one! 

Weather forecasts are not to be relied upon in any shape or form, I do know that, yet I get taken in by the 5 day ones on a regular basis I'm ashamed to say, just can't help myself. If sunshine is predicted for the following day, life takes on new meaning (!?), well for a while at least until I wake up to rain the next morning!!

So far so good though. Since Tuesday, when incidentally my face got incredibly  sunburnt (after doing a 7 mile walk), we've had a good run of that ball of fire and the temperatures have been great. 

Apparently, it's going to continue to shine right up until next Wednesday. 
Q. How do I know? 
A. I've fallen for the latest 5 day forecast!

But I just have a really good feeling that this time it's going to be spot on. Think positive.....

PS. (If, by some REMOTE possibility, it all goes awry, I will not be stepping foot out of bed until I see the sun beaming through my venetians!)