Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My memory

..... or lack of it!

My forgetfullness is a concern (to me) and occasionally a situation will prompt me to mention it. Family, friends or work colleagues laugh and tell me it's 'normal'. I can accept their reassurance 99.9% of the time, but now and then that 1% 'niggle' is hard to ignore. 

I've been mislaying my car for years. It's so easy; enter a shop, buy a few items, leave and then panic because you suddenly have no idea where you've parked the car; is it to the left or right? I have to rewind, retrace my steps, even visualise parking, in the end always finding it. But I don't think it's funny, I'm not 70 or 80 years old by a long shot!

I'm damn sure struggling to remember the surnames of my work colleagues and the names of the children I've known for years can't be 'normal'? 

Today has been a busy day, so much had to be done. So much to remember, I actually felt frustrated (not a feeling I have very often). I was supposed to drop the post in the letterbox on my way home from work, but promptly forgot, having only been handed the envelopes about 15 minutes before. 

Also I offered a lift to a colleague and said I'd meet her in the staff room because I needed to speak to someone quickly before leaving. Instead I ended up getting into a conversation and left her sitting for 10 minutes. 

As I passed the door to leave I saw her there and suddenly remembered my offer. I couldn't apologise enough, she said she didn't mind, but I felt a fool. I was glad to get home. 

I have had other things, not work related, on my mind though so maybe that's why I've been extra forgetful today .... possibly.

Thankfully this 'condition' (that we all suffer from to varying degrees) isn't contagious, that's something I do remember!


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