Thursday, 19 February 2009


Good news - my car is back, I picked it up this afternoon. Bad news - I'm £214.43 out of pocket!! 

Serves me right really, it's never let me down in the four years I've had it, so I guess it finally decided to protest.  Apart from having an MOT each year the only attention I lavish on my car is the occasional valetting and topping up the oil and water. I'm ashamed to say my funds never stretched to an annual service. I got close a few times then other things took priority and that was that.

After taking my hard earned cash my mechanic left me with a little nugget of information and it was this; the petrol pump symbol on your fuel guage has a handle (or hose and nozzle) and whatever side it is on indicates what side your fuel cap is on. I never knew that, but it's worth knowing if you're driving a rented or new car.  

So, to be ready for it's next service in December, I've got a jam jar and labelled it 'Car Fund'. I have placed it right next to the jam jar labelled 'Christmas Fund' and will be putting £1 coins in each one at the end of every day. Bills take near enough all the money out of my bank account so this is the alternative, oh what a granny I have become!!


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