Wednesday, 18 February 2009


A moribund motor, that's what I have. I drove it to the car hospital this afternoon for an overnight stay, the diagnosis to be announced at some point tomorrow. Until then I shall nurse this sense of loss, for it is the first time we have ever been apart.

Up until the current car in my life I simply owned a succession of what can only be described as jalopys! The most I could afford for a car 'back in the day' was £100, which I would invariably borrow and then pay back over the following months. 

I did splash out on a red Golf once for £500 (which I borrowed from an old friend and paid him back £50 a month!). Unfortunately that died a terrible death one January morning, whilst on the school run, when it spontaneously combusted at the traffic lights. Burnt out car AND debt, fantastic!

Each machine would stay with me for a year, then, when it failed its MOT the process of borrowing began again. Alas the cash was never used to fix the car of the moment because the damn repair bill always came to more than what I'd bought the heap for in the first place! Time for the next banger. 

So now I'm thinking positive thoughts, 'it WILL only be minor repairs', 'I WILL not get a big bill', 'I WILL have my car back in no time', that sort of thing. 

Can I just say, having read this back; from the serious separation issues I'm clearly describing one might think I was talking about a brand new Mini or Audi. OR for those who aren't even a smidgeon materialistic that I might just be attaching a little too much importance to, what in reality is, just a hunk of metal (WHATEVER, I'll discuss it with my shrink on Monday). 

Actually folks I happen to be the proud owner of an 'S' reg Hyundai (that's a 1999 model) which is worth more to me than ten Mercedes convertibles.

And if you believe that..... I'm Jimmy Saville!!! 

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