Friday, 13 February 2009

Kids these days.....

13 year old girls to be exact. Wanting to grow up too soon.

I see them going through the gate as I drop off my 13 year old daughter every day, done up to the nines', for school??? I must admit though I have given in to her wearing mascara, after her two older sisters assured me, 'It'll be ok mum', (but it doesn't make me happy!). 

I always watch her go through the gate, she always looks back and gives me a discreet wave. Once in a while I get this feeling of deep love as I watch her go, the thought, 'how could I live without her, I hope she gets home safe today', running through my head.

We visited a good friend of mine this afternoon. Our friendship began many years ago when our young teenage daughters first started primary school together. As we were drinking tea (and dunking digestives of course) my friend asked my daughter if she was going to 'this club night'. 

My relaxed pose ceased to be as I sat up and looked from one to the other and calmly repeated the question to my little one. She answered "I didn't tell you about it because I knew you'd say 'No'. " 

As more details emerged on the subject (including my visit to the 'Youthoria' website), I took a moment to congratulate her on the psychic powers she clearly possessed, because she was spot on with regards to what my response was going to be, ha!

Oh yes folks, Youthoria are offering 'The ultimate teen club experience', oh and  'a good night for all, ' is also guaranteed. Giving them '...the opportunity to experience the club scene' for those between the ages of 13 and 17. 

Hmmm, would anyone sane parent encourage their 13 year old daughter to go 'clubbing' with 16 and 17 year old boys?? Oh, but wait, they are only being offered free coke and lemonade all night and weapons, alcohol, drugs and chewing gum are mentioned on the prohibited items list, so that must makes it all ok then!!!!.

My 'gobsmackedness' increased as I clicked on the 'Photos' page. But the youtube video on the homepage did if for me, placed just underneath the headline 'UV Valentines Bubble Ball'. A veritable rave it was, the place was 'rammed', everybody waving their free glow sticks (to go with the free lollipops on offer I guess). 

At the very end of the 'Parents' page it said, "Any person who appears to be intoxicated through either alcohol or drugs will be refused entry with no refund". Well why in hells name didn't they say that on the homepage? Had I read that important piece of information first I definitely wouldn't have felt the need to investigate any further. 

I could have been packing my daughter off on her very first night club experience at the age of 13. I would be heard saying 'Go for it girl, forget the cinema and meeting up with friends at some fast food joint. Don't do window shopping, milkshakes and cookies, that's for kids'!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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