Monday, 2 February 2009

I'm not skiving!

No work, yay! 

My head called me at 720 this morning,  "stay at home, no school" she told me.  I smiled, resisted shouting 'YES!' and tried my best to sound disappointed. Any guesses where I was 2 seconds after that brief call? Yep, right back in my nice warm bed until 10ish!  

Another call came late afternoon, no school tomorrow either. Boy was I gutted, now I'll have to go for a lovely walk in the snow instead!

My girls are still at their dads after failing to make it home Sunday night because of the terrible weather. I'm missing them even though we've talked on the phone a lot. It's so frustrating knowing that they're less than a 20 minute drive away.  I'm not even sure if we'll see each other tommorrow  now that icy conditions are expected on top of the 8-10 inches of snow we've already received. 

So, my first day off was spent quietly, all by myself, with only the BBC TV news channel to keep me company.  I chose to stay in but frequently looked out of the window at all the white, white snow. Actually I enjoyed just pottering around in my t-shirt and track suit bottoms, heating full blast. My hair tied up (remains uncombed) and my teeth uncleaned, ha!!!!


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