Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Roll on the summer hols!

Well today was the day of Year 6's 'leavers play'. The word shambolic comes to mind, but hey, it's done, over with at last, I can not bear to think about it another minute, it was the bane of my life for weeks!

And now, for my sins, I have their party to look forward to tomorrow afternoon. Ooh, it's just one delight after another. Personally I feel they don't deserve any treats, considering their diabolical behaviour over recent months, but who am I to question the powers that be. So my presence is expected at the party they requested, I shall have to grimace throughout the proceedings and just go home with face ache. It will be a veritable chimpanzees celebration, of that I can guarantee.

I know I sound like an evil witch and anyone (!) reading this will probably think 'thank god/I hope she's not my childs teaching assistant', but this Year 6 have been trying, honestly and truly!! 

My mum came to stay yesterday, until next Thursday. I love her very much but am so used to just me and my daughters living together it can be difficult for me to keep my patience with her sometimes. My girls always put me back in my place though. I lose my status when mum comes, I become a daughter myself again instead of head of the household and it can be frustrating.

I've given up my room this time, for my mum, and have taken to sharing a bed with my eldest daughter, who isn't overly pleased that I have become her 'roomie' but if you love your mum you have to make sacrifices, right? Anyhoo, for the remainder of her stay I have promised myself I will be a respectful daughter and a patient one too.  

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