Monday, 13 July 2009

Last week at work was draining to say the least, loads to get done before the end of term.  My class have lost the plot, switched off  before the summer hols have arrived (as is usual). If you can imagine how impossible it was trying to inspire thirty 10 year olds to rehearse their 'leavers play' with feeling, you'll know exactly how I felt when I left work on Friday!

Thankfully I had the weekend to look forward to;  Saturday night in Scotland, in a swish hotel with a gorgeous man! After an early breakfast on Sunday we hit the road just after 8, spending the day  in the fresh air 'til we caught the 6 o'clock train back to London, arriving  late, totally whacked but feeling good.

Leaving a cosy warm bed at 615 in the morning is never easy,  leaving behind a nice warm body within that bed is nigh on impossible, but I did it this morning, had to drive back home. However, I had the luxury of  languishing on my couch to look forward to. I had the day off and instead of using it wisely and completing an important piece of paperwork (amongst other things)  I lounged. 

My mum's coming to stay tomorrow for a week or so and I want my house to look tidy, but did I dust and hoover, did I wash the bathroom floor and clear the landing of 'stuff'? No, I climbed out of bed at 240pm(!), had a leisurely late lunch in the garden and started reading 'Wicked' instead. 

I read so much I started to feel sleepy round about 7ish and had 40 winks, can you believe it!! I love days like this, when I don't have to be anywhere, spending the day in my pyjamas, hair uncombed,  it does me good!

Thing is though, I've slept for England and it's now 1230am and I'm not tired, I'm up again at 7 for work  so think I'll go back to bed and read some more until I fall asleep, again!  

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