Monday, 6 July 2009


A friend of mine started a blog  last year and suggested I try it. He's a writer by profession and when he said he thought I'd be good at it because he liked the way I wrote, his compliment saw me giving it a go. 

I started in January 2009 and by March had given up! Apart from trying to get used to the idea that the whole world could read my words I could also see that my blog entries consisted of work and family near enough and that was it, nothing exciting in my opinion. The fact that I only ever got one comment on what I was writing was proof to me that it must be pretty boring stuff!

Encouragement made me toy with the idea of starting up again on a few occasions but self doubt took over, still wasn't convinced I could write anything that was of interest to anyone. Still not sure now to be perfectly honest, but I've definitely missed writing. 

So.... here I go again, I'm back, this time I'm just doing it for myself (maybe that's the answer?). It's good to see one's thoughts written down and having read back the entries in my blog they all made me smile and remember, which has got to be good.

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