Monday, 9 March 2009

I have this friend (ha!)

She's 40 something and over the winter months she's put on weight. Not stones by any means but enough to feel uncomfortable around the waistline (6lbs to be exact).  

She's a little concerned, feels 'big' sometimes, seeing the unwelcome spread of flesh in the mirror. She feels her derriere has spread too but still finds it hard to cut out the snacks every night.

I tell her 'What's it going to take for you to realise that if you carry on eating this way you'll soon have a stone to move before you know it!' 

She wants to be slimmer and tanned for the summer, she wants to be able to give those younger girls a run for their money when the short skirts and pretty dresses come out of the wardrobe. 

I told her that she just needs to stick up pics of Beth Ditto all around the kitchen as a stark reminder of what her body could look like if she doesn't stop being a pig (I know it sounds harsh but sometimes the girl needs a slap!).

You have to feel sexy to look sexy right? 

I'll definitely stick with her throughout this ordeal, after all what friends are for? It's got to be done, even the sit-ups?! 

Just think 'slim, sexy, confident, slim, sexy.....' 


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